Organized on a safe enclosed lake. A two-pulley system controlled by a qualified instructor !

A fun activity which is accessible to everybody (from 7 to 77 years old) and formulas created for all: from beginner to expert!

A seaside setting, 100 meters from the beach makes a perfect venue to have a go!

Logo FFSNW - Fédération Française de Ski Nautique & de Wakeboard.

Our formulas :

From beginner to expert, its an experience not to be missed!

Three formulas to satisfy your needs….

Beginner Formula

(Réservations) – with or without the module *

This activity tempts you but you have never tried, don’t hesitate! Run by a qualified instructor, you will discover the pleasures of sliding across the water, pulled by a cable going at a speed to suit you. Adapted to all ages and levels creating a safe enjoyable experience!

By choosing the beginner formula, you will learn how to get out of the water with the board/skis and experience your first ride… You will discover the first sensations of wakeboarding/waterskiing.

* Buoyancy aid, helmet and westsuit included



20 minuts



20 minuts

Free practice Formula

(Please reserve) – With or without the module *

You can already wakeboard / waterski … this formula is for you!

Equipment available to meet different needs: Wakeboard, water Skis, Wakeskate and Kneeboard!

1 Session


15 minuts

Pass5 sessions


5 x 15 minuts



10 x 15 minuts

Privatization of Cable Park

(Please reserve) – with ou without the module *

Do you want to share an excellent time with friends? You only live once!!

Indulge yourself with an hour of the cable park reserved just for you!

Beginner or expert, comes have a go at this amazing activity on our lake.

* Buoyancy aid, helmet and wetsuit included / Additional license (insurance) for the use of jumps and sliders 5,00 €uros



1 hour - 6 people MAX.

Cable Park presentation

How doest it work?

Reminder: reserve a session in advance!

Turn up 15 minutes before the start of the session, to allow time to organize the equipment. The equipment is provided: helmet, buoyancy aid and wetsuit. During a “free practice” session, the instructor will do a quick briefing and then you go for your 15 minutes on the water!!!

Beginners are supervised by an instructor during an beginner course where they learn the basics of wakeboarding / waterskiing! The progression is fast and accessible as the instructor manually adjusts the speed of the cable!

Pleasure of riding and fun guaranteed !


Reminder: wearing the buoyancy aid and helmet are an obligation.

JOBE is our main supplier of equipment. They offer a wide range of specialized products for the cable park.

The school offers a variety of equipment to satisfy your cravings: Wakeboard, water ski’s, Wakeskate and Kneeboard!!

2.0 Cable Park

At 9 meters high, an operator directs the 2.0 Sésitec cable manually. Its two pulleys system allows a free and customized practice. The rider can easily change direction to make a circular course. For those who wish, it is possible to try to jump or slide on the modules. The Cable Park is 225 meters long making it the second longest in France.

Extra Information

Wearing the buoyancy aid and helmet are an obligation.

Additional license (insurance) 5.00 € is needed for the use of jumps and sliders