The town of FLEURY d’AUDE/SAINT PIERRE LA MER organizes the 8th EUROPEAN CUP JUNIOR KITESURFING in partnership with the  Tourist office and the association S.N.K.  Saint Pierre la mer became  the perfect  site for organizing international competitions such as the European Junior Cup Kitesurfing. Indeed, the north wind  that sweeps the Languedoc coast and large natural beaches are  all elements that allow the practice of Kitesurfing.

For this 8th edition Cup Junior European Kitesurfing two events will be featured :

–        Freestyle competition for juniors

–        The boarder cross open to all riders !

Again, this year in association with the organisation a professional rider Team RED BULL will coach  the girls on the competition, warm-up, physical and mental preparation.

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This year the European Cup Junior Kitesurfing will help reveal or confirm the future stars of the discipline.  In addition to making a name in the international arena, the competition can win you the title  of European  Champion Junior and the Money Price with 3000 Euros !

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L’épreuve de BoarderCross

The boarder cross is open to all Kitesurfers in the OPEN category.

This discipline is the result of snowboarding and we have adapted  to Kitesurf…

Easy, spectacular, fun ….. the sport is progressing in the middle of the slide.

The principle of boarder-cross :  4 competitors start from the beach or the sea and realize a course on which they must jump  over obstacles and cross a finish line.

You have a license and a simple level jump ?  You can  register now by completing the form available  via the following link :


For the  7th year the Kite club of Saint Pierre (S.N.K.) under the direction of the Tourist Office and in partnership with the federation of Free Flight has welcome the 41 best european Kitesurfers.

Aged  9 – 19 years and 8 countries  representatives (France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Mauritius)  they  competed a freestyle test left in 4 categories and offered to spectators  figures  between jumps, handlepass, slim change and law mob.

For the first year the competition took place on the pond of the  sailing school at a comfortable wind 13 to 16 knots by  marine. Normally accustomed to extreme wind conditions  because the spot is essentielly swept by a north wind, the competitors were able to express all their talent and offer a surprising sight.

For girls it is the  French Marie Switala (17 years) who is ahead of the young italian Greta Menardo and  Pauline Valesa the second French.

For the boys :

– among 9  –  13 years : the brothers  Bridge put the first  2 places, Tom (11 years) the youngest boy finishes first,

– among 14-15 years : an exclusively spanish podium with Patrick Blanc who ends on the  top step

– among 16-19 years : the Dutch Jerrie Van de Kop ahead Valentin Garat (2nd) and Johno Scholte.

Highlights :  the extraordinary rise of Scholte ( 6 hits) and Paul Serin who finished in 6th place with a rise  of  4 hits.

Competition in the Video

In parallel and for the first year a boarder cross was  also organized on the pond.

Two categories : a class  OPEN  gathering of Kite enthusiasts of all levels come to play on the course.

Fifteen participants were able to compete  with two major French Kite :  Celine Rodenas, French Champion in 2008, Sebastien Cattelan current speed European record holder  and organizer of the Luderitz Speed Challenge  for this new event which tested today in Saint Pierre is the future of Kitesurfing !

A junior class has followed the freestyle event and helped the English Oswald Smith to become the first junior to win the boarder cross of Saint Pierre la mer.

See photos of the competition : ejkc-freestyle-2011

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