Kite Boarder Cross Tour 2014 – Stage 1 – St Pierre la Mer

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The three day event in the South of France saw top riders such as Youri Zoon and Julien Kerneur competing against each other on a downwind race course with obstacles in the form of floating modules that had to be jumped over. This new competition form, being very attractive to the public, aims to combine freestyle and racing skills and can be entered by both professional and amateurs riders.

Due to the weather forecast the competition started a day early with a round for the junior kitesurfers, who had just finished their first round of the European Junior Kitesurfing Cup. The heats were held on the lake next to the sailing school with the modules set up in a new “Z” configuration, making two turning buoys. The winner Tom Bridge (GB) made good use of the Northerly Tramontane wind, followed by Nino Liboni (F) in second place and joint third Gaspard Genazando (F) and Romain Giuliano (F).
The evening the event was opened by local sponsor Momo Pizza offering refreshments and local wines.
The following day, Saturday 17th April the main event started and the decision was made to take the course onto the sea to allow for more constant wind. The north-westerly Tramontane made beautiful blue skies and unusually warm temperatures for the time of year. This time the course was laid out in a “V” configuration and the riders could either choose to start directly from the beach or hit the start line at full speed when the green flag was shown. The first set was won by local French legend Sebastien Garat, followed by the last year’s Kiteboarder Cross tour winner Geoffery Mascarel (F). Oliver Bridge (GB) and Julien Kerneur (F) finished joint third.
The second set was run in the butter flat water and saw Julien Kerneur (F) in first place, Geoffery Mascarel (F) second place and the world freestyle champion Youri Zoon (NL) putting on a show in third.
The official event party that evening was held at Charlie Barr in St Pierre la Mer.
The following morning competitors woke to rain and the competition was put on hold until the Easterly wind started to blow and the rain went to Spain. The course yet again changed venue and was put on the lake where a “V” formation was organised but this time with the largest module, nicknamed “The Wall”, put on a different tack to the previous day, ideal for those who prefer jumping on a starboard tack.

Two sets were run. Results of the first set: Geoffery Mascarel (F) 1st, Julien Kerneur (F) 2nd and Andréa Amman (CH) 3rd. Results of the second set: Oliver Bridge (GB) 1st, Julien Kerneur (F) 2nd and Geoffery Mascarel (FR) 3rd.
As part of the event there were lots of things to do for visitors of the event. Around the sailing school snack bar there was an animations village with stands showing the latest kite material and clothing, a big air jump for BMXs (jumping with a bike onto a huge airbag), an enormous inflatable climbing wall and a mechanical surf board.
On the last day of the event and of the Easter weekend the races were cancelled due to the weather. The prize giving with a total of 5000 euros prize money was held at the end of the morning before everyone headed home. The overall winner was Julien Kerneur (F), second place Geoffery Mascarel (F) and third Sebastien Garat (F).
This first stage of the Kitboarder Cross Tour 2014 was run by SNkite, the local kitesurfing school of Saint Pierre-la-Mer, along with support from the International Kiteboarding Organization IKO, Best Kiteboarding, Kitaddict, Belvia Immobilier, Galmam Batiment, the commune of Fleury d’Aude, the Grand Narbonne, the department of Aude and the region of the Languedoc Roussillon.
The next tour date for the KBC Tour will be in Dublin, Ireland on 24th and 25th May during the Battle of the Bay kitesurfing event.

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KBCT 2014 Provisional results

Ranking Name Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 3 Results
1 Kerneur Julian 3 0,7 2 2 4,7
1 Mascarel geoffery 10 2 0,7 3 5,7
1 Garat Sebastien 0,7 4 10 5 9,7
1 Bridge Olivier 3 10 10 0,7 13,7
1 Le Petit Castan Adien 5 5 4 7 14
1 Amman Andréa 10 9 3 4 16
1 Rouxel Olivier 4 6 10 8 18
1 Zoon Youri 6 3 10 10 19
1 Pedone Frederic 10 9 7 10 26
1 Bellon Jean 10 9 10 10 29
1 Rolando Marie – Charlotte 10 10 10 10 30
1 Penchenat Fabien 10 10 10 10 30
1 Lhote Etienne 10 10 10 10 30


Ranking Name Set 1 Set 2 Results
1 Bridge Tom 0,7 0,7 1,4
1 Liboni Nino 3 2 5
1 Krikken Robin 5 3 8
1 Genazando Gaspard 4 4 8
1 Giuliano Romain 2 7 9
1 Lhez Arthur 6 7 13


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Video by Expix : Kite Boarder Coss Tour 2014 – First Stage – St Pierre la Mer (France)