The Kitesurfing school has been running courses
in St Pierre la Mer since 2003
on the venue of the Junior Kiteboarding World Cup.

The spot works under many wind conditions; the Tramontane, the Grec (sea wind) and the southern Spanish winds.
A unique kitezone on the Mediterranean coast, consisting of a 300 m stretch of sea and the sandy beach, reserved just for kitesurfers.

The zone is recognized by the FFVL, the maritime authorities and the community of Fleury d’Aude. In the case of big waves kitesurfers are permitted to use the sailing school’s lake just next to the kitezone. The kitezone’s security is covered by safety boats which allow you to become a safe, independent kitesurfer after a 5 x 2 hr course. , After that you can progress by joining the Glisse & Kite Club, open from April until November.

Join the Glisse & Kite kitesurfing club for 200 euros per year (March until November). If you have your own equipment and insurance the club offers safety boat cover in offshore winds, helpful tips to make you progress, 50% reduction on kite rental and the use of changing rooms and showers.

International Kiteboarding Organization



Glisse & Kite kitesurfing Lesson Prices

2 hrs Kitesurfing lesson

€ * 80,00

2 hrs Kitesurfing lesson
  • 2 hrs Kitesurfing lesson
  • * from 80,00 € (except during July/August)
  • Price July/August 90,00 €
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3x2 hrs Kitesurfing course

€ * 230,00

3 x 2 hrs Kitesurfing course
  • 3 x 2 hrs Kitesurfing course
  • * from 230,00 € (except during July/August)
  • Price July/August 245,00 €
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5 x 2hrs Kitesurfing course

€ * 330,00

5 x 2hrs Kitesurfing course
  • 5 x 2hrs Kitesurfing course
  • * from 330,00 € (except during July/August)
  • Price July/August 350,00 €
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8 x 2hrs Kitesurfing course

€ * 500,00

8 x 2hrs Kitesurfing course
  • 8 x 2hrs Kitesurfing course
  • * from 500,00 € (except during July/August)
  • Price July/August 530,00 €
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Equipment rental prices

Complete kitesurfing equipment package 2hrs (half-day) 50,00 €uros
Complete kitesurfing equipment package 1 hr 35,00 €uros
Kite only 1 hr 25,00 €uros
Board only 1 hr 15,00 €uros

How a kitesurfing course works :

1st session

  • Introduction to equipment and zone
  • How to set up the equipment
  • Safety briefing
  • Where does the kite fly (power zones)
  • Kite flying on the land and piloting exercises

2nd & 3rd session

  • Body drag in the sea with boat assistance
  • How to re-launch the kite from the water
  • How to control the kite in deeper water
  • Introduction to the board (twin-tip)
  • 1st water start

4th & 5th session and afterwards…

  • Repeating the water start and the first ride
  • Self re-launch
  • Becoming confident riding in both directions
  • Riding upwind
  • 1st turns
  • Jumping
  • Transitions, advanced jumps, gybes, surfing, etc.